EM Messenger can communicate through Internet the messages generated by EasyMaint users, and offers the ability to remote users to send service requirements to the maintenance area and give proper following in the Internet. 

MS Messenger executes the following process (Sending emails and text messages)

1.     When a the Status of a Work Order is changed you will have the option of sending an email with the WO attached in a PDF

2.      An email or text message can be sent to the supervisor when a work order request is created via EM Request

3.       EasyMaint can send emails or text messages when there is a need to prepare materials or parts for the stockrooms

4.       When Work Orders are scheduled through the Planner, EasyMaint can send an email with the WO attached in a PDF

5.       EasyMaint can send emails when the meter readings are out of parameters

7.       When the Inventory has reached the minimum, EasyMaint will send an email

8.       When the Status of a Purchase Requirement is changed, an email or text message can be sent


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