EasyMaint Software (CMMS-EAM) offers a variety of ways to create, edit and generate work orders schedules.  

Schedules of work orders can be generated by four different criteria, by quickly creating and viewing a program, the program virtually, if the user at that time desires to generate work orders, with a single click it generates them and prints them

You can select all or a subset of maintenance programs to meet program criteria: From the last time finished, from the las time scheduled, by Reading due, and by readings average.


With the Scheduling module you will:


  • Schedule work orders based on time, counters frequency or meter readings
  • Prepare purchasing options to occur on a specific day by selecting different criteria
  • Scheduling Work Orders based on: the date it was last performed and / or scheduled, performance counters, meters, days or a combination of criteria
  • Review the Schedules in temporal areas and once verified generate work orders
  • Automatically assign work orders based on the availability of each resource
  • Generate and automatically print work orders for scheduled maintenance
  • Merge automatically Assets and Work Orders in the same Master Work Order, reducing paper and confusion


By scheduling preventive maintenance routines, your company will begin to experience the benefits of using EasyMaint Software, reducing downtime, lowering costs in repairings and failures and effectiveness in the administration of labor. The calendars are automatically calculated and can be displayed graphically.




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