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Maintenance departments depend on work orders to ensure that the work is performed in an efficient and timely manner. 

While most planning of work orders can be made by frequency of days, there are other scenarios in which assets need to be controlled by Meters and Counters that upon reaching the limits, work orders are created automatically.

The units with an odometer (km ) or forklifts with hour meters , its preventive maintenance are performed when they reach a certain progress . Another case is derived from maintenance inspection readings collected and controlled by minimum and maximum thresholds operating gauges, for example meters by pressure, temperature , pipe thickness , vibration , viscosity , etc.

EasyMaint Software (CMMS-EAM)  creates one or more events to perform maintenance activities, managed and controlled by work orders.

Readings can be fed manually or by importing readings from SCADA, PLCs and other sensor systems. EasyMaint Software shoots events to generate work orders, alarms, alerts, warnings by email or SMS messages.



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