The Inventory module is essential for the proper functioning of your company. EasyMaint Software helps you to reduce inventory costs and to have a supply of spare parts that are necessary to keep your facilities and assets running smoothly. EasyMaint Software (CMMS-EAM) helps you to avoid production interruptions or times of extended downtime by keeping you informed of the amount of required parts needed in stock.

The inventory module lets you find quickly, receive and retrieve pieces of various storehouses. EasyMaint Software tracks the number of parts that are available, on hand delivered or to be delivered. With this module you will always be notified of the status of your inventory and thus will know if it has the necessary parts for preventive maintenance.

The characteristics of parts and materials inventory is designed to give you all the information you need to manage multiple warehouses and storage sites by optimizing and streamlining and reducing storage costs.










With EasyMaint Software (CMMS-EAM) you can easily create and track purchase orders and requisitions based on quantities of parts on hand, re-order points, or others.

EasyMaint Software sorts and manages your orders by supplier, multiple Suppliers, spare parts, and more. EasyMaint Software generates purchase orders reports which will be able to print or send to different departments of your company.


With EasyMaint Purchasing module you can:

  • Automatically generate, print and report Purchase orders
  • Process received parts
  • Register in the historical all purchase orders, receptions, quotes of Suppliers and costs changes
  • List of manufacturers and vendors accepted for each part, allows to know exactly where can you get a part and how long the delivery will it take
  • Real Monitoring, quotes and prices on average
  • Control of parts not provided and labor contracts
  • Create and monitor purchase orders and requests
  • Automatically combine requirements from the same supplier in the same Purchase Order




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