Maintenance Software for vehicle fleets

For those companies that need to control their vehicle fleet, the EasyMaint Maintenance Software also provides a module for tire control.

Wheels mounting and rotation templates can be defined in this module. The control of the mileage of each wheel is automatically calculated from the record of the route on the fuel ticket. Likewise, the wear of each tire is controlled by recording its depth.

This module is fully integrated into the EasyMaint Work Order, Inventory and Purchase Modules

EasyMaint maintenance software also provides a module for managing fuel and other fluids

The supply of fluids is done through the registration of tickets. The EasyMaint System automatically calculates the consumption, performance and costs of maintaining the vehicle fleet.

If your company has its own tanks for the supply of fluids, the Fluids module is fully integrated into the Inventory and Purchase Modules of the EasyMaint Software.

Additionally, EasyMaint (CMMS-EAM) has the possibility of incorporating the VMRS codes (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) throughout the maintenance process.


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