The main purpose of EasyMaint is to ensure the assets availability and to increase the assets life by controlling maintenance costs and improving their productivity .

Assets module is one of the most powerful and versatile modules of EasyMaint. Not only you can enter standard information, also it includes, it can be configured for all Assets specifications defined as types of Assets and Units.



Additional information related to assets is available and includes:

All parts associated with the Asset; all schedules associated with the Asset; schedules made for the Asset, Asset Work Orders , Open and Review History of each asset; Work Orders Status and warranties that exist for the Asset, work orders costs, including Codes, Failures, Measurements, Reasons, Production readings, etc. GL Accounts, drawings and diagrams, and comments.


Other characteristics

  • Updating meters and counters associated with the Assets . Periodically read and enter new readings manually or through importing readings collected by SCADA systems , PLCs, or other sensors.
  • Set additional fields for the Assets.
  • Define groups of assets which can be used to schedule Work Orders per group..
  • Define Asset Location, production lines, Facilities, etc.
  • Visualize the Asset Tree, which displays each Parent Assets with their Children Assets.

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