About EasyMaint Maintenance Software

About EasyMaint

EasyMaint is a Maintenance Software (CMMS) that combines maintenance practices and innovative technology. It is an easy to use system that meets all the needs of current maintenance management.

Our system helps organizations control the maintenance of their assets and associated labor costs, with the aim of prolonging the useful life of an asset with minimal cost. Our system provides better organization, planning and management of industrial maintenance activities helping companies save time and money.

Our system meets the requirements of any maintenance department.

EasyMaint offers you Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance Management, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Work Order Management, Inventory and Purchase Management, Extensive information on Costs, Reports and Analysis and Indicators of maintenance.


EasyMaint is the ideal solution for all types of industries and service providers striving to achieve an optimal level of performance. It provides a complete package to plan, control and supervise all maintenance activities, from an individual company to a corporate one.

Our system can be used by a variety of different industries, including manufacturing, facilities, services, and fleet. EasyMaint technology has the facility to send job applications online, via e-mail or text messages

Notices or alerts can be sent by email or from the mobile phone. EasyMaint can work with Access and SQL Server databases. In addition, the user interface is completely graphic and easy to learn.

As you can see EasyMaint is a Complete Industrial Maintenance Software, which is easy to use and flexible, what your company needs. For more than 20 years Abe-Soft Technologies has assisted the industrial sector with asset management by optimizing time, improving the use of materials, and efficient inventory management, resulting in lower overall operating costs.

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