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If you are responsible of managing buildings and facilities, and manages maintenance requests of the employees inside the building, EasyMaint Software offers a simple way to keep the assets working.

With EasyMaint Software (CMMS-EAM) you can quickly correct problems; you can also prevent failures through preventive maintenance. Through EasyMaint Software you can organize and operate more efficiently in your facilities.

EasyMaint Software helps your building to operate more efficiently and will provide greater level of service to those who are inside.

Track the history of work orders for the assets and general maintenance costs (labor and parts), will lead to a reduction in total maintenance costs for your organization.

You can perform maintenance procedures on facilities and equipment such as buildings, lighting, elevators, fire extinguishers, telecommunications systems, parking lots, vehicles, doors, locks, heaters, hydraulics, etc.


Government buildings

EasyMaint Software is a great solution for managers of government facilities. Routine scheduled maintenance is mandatory for any installation, however, is especially critical when it comes to old or historical buildings. With government operations, it is important to keep good records and minimize downtime.

Through the usage of EasyMaint Software, strategies will be developed in order to reduce costs, reduce downtime and expedite all tasks involved in facilities management and maintenance.

EasyMaint Software can help your government organization to increase the useful life of assets, maintenance costs, prevent and predict asset failures, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtime and reduce total maintenance cost.


Airports and Services

Maintenance at airports and aircraft are essential for the safety and proper functioning. EasyMaint Software will help through their reports to identify problem areas and determine the root cause of common issues.

EasyMaint Software will help reduce maintenance costs of the runways, prevent and predict asset failures, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtime and reduce total maintenance cost.

Some of the facilities where you can see the benefits of a maintenance program as EasyMaint Software are: Hangars, bathrooms, terminals, aircrafts, runways maintenance, stairs, kitchens, buildings, elevators, etc.


Hotels and Restaurants

Maintenance at a hotel or resort allows you to provide better guest service. EasyMaint Software will help you get into one single program maintenance information of all rooms, floors, buildings and equipment. EasyMaint Software can be used to track maintenance, reduce costs and provide a higher level of customer service.

Some benefits a hotel will have once using EasyMaint Software are: to prolong the life of the assets, provide a better level of service, maintain a clean environment, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtime and reduce total maintenance costs.

Facilities and equipment maintenance that can be benefited are: rooms, bathrooms, elevators, kitchen, dining rooms, gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, conference rooms, telecommunication equipment, etc.  


Hospitals and Medical Equipment

Maintenance in hospitals and health facilities is essential to operate cleanly, efficiently and safely. Maintenance work in a hospital is 24/7. In order to provide quality service to patients it is necessary for the machinery and equipment to function effectively all the time.

EasyMaint Software (CMMS-EAM) helps health centers to maintain high standards in terms of physical infrastructure and equipment. EasyMaint Software ensures optimal performance, providing a comprehensive solution of integral asset management and programming functions for preventive maintenance.


EasyMaint Software will allow you to maintain your lighting, plumbing, pipes, toilets, elevators and parking. It will also allow servicing equipment such as magnetic resonance, X-rays and other medical machinery, in order that they are always available for staff and patient care. This way you can reduce the costs associated with energy use and maintenance of the machines.




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